Tahun ni cuti Diwali jatuh pada hari rabu…So, lpas penat keja 2 hari, release stress dengan hang out with my BFF…(although the next day is working day)…

Tarikh     :  22/10/2014

Tempat  :  Mid Valley MegaMall & The Gardens, KL

Activity   :  Actually, rancangan awal nak release stress dengan berkaraoke di Red Box, The Gardens…lepas bertanyakan harga & all the package yg ada pada ‘amoi’ di kaunter…kitorang batalkan hajat tersebut…RM50++ per PERSON (not per room ya)…and if ada student card RM30++ per PERSON…nak nyanyi berapa kerat lagu je, so, cancel aje (tak berbaloi)..Then, kitorang decide nk tgok wayang but unfortunately, all the tickets was selling fast and the seat was limited…So, after all the hurdles, kitorang just jalan2 cuci mata and lepak2 borak2…>___<

**Anyway, it was fun to meet and chatting with my BFF as kitorang tak selalu/payah nak jumpa..and as usual makan2 is the must!

2014-10-22 11.27.38 2014-10-22 11.27.45 2014-10-22 11.50.46 2014-10-22 12.43.54 2014-10-22 12.44.11 2014-10-22 12.44.29 2014-10-22 13.07.18 2014-10-22 17.32.33


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