[MyWeekend]When Outing Alone~~

Date: 24 January 2015
Venue: Ampang Point Shopping Center
Activities: Eating, Walking, Shopping…

Photo Collage Maker_d16bHY

Before walking, makan dulu…Dry fried Thai style Bi hoon RM7.90…

After makan…go to D.I.Y store…

Photo Collage Maker_n7EJYG

Lepas puss shopping, cuci Mata di D.I.Y, otw balik singgah Each a Cup & Dunkin Donut…

Photo Collage Maker_TJRobS

**Mintak Tira-Coco tp dpt Raspberry choc….huhu

Photo Collage Maker_B37SZn

**Almond Choc & Chocolate butterscotch

P/s: lambat post ..cter minggu lpas bawak ke minggu ni…sorry

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