[Wayang] Seventh Son

Venue: Spectrum Shopping Mall & One Cinema

Date: 31st January 2015

Photo Collage Maker_Aka44c

Photo Collage Maker_0lDL1J

**Before tgok wayang, makan & solat maghrib dulu…

Photo Collage Maker_ShY8ts

Photo Collage Maker_UJ70Oa


Sorry to say, agak kecewa jugak pilih tgok cter ni sebab cter ni agak bosan…part lawan je menarik..huhu..

Actually nk tgok “Women in Black” @ “Penguins of Madagascar” tp xde pulak tayangannya pd masa tu..Tgok trailer macam best..so, jgn tertipu dgn trailer ye…Seperti my lil’sis ckap, 3 bintang je utk story ni…


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