Tiga Bulan Pertama 2016!

Rasa lama dah tak update blog…huhu…last update bulan 1 tp tu pon untuk cter tahun lepas..So, utk entri ni kita himpunkan cter sepanjang 3 bln pertama 2016 ni…

Januari: Anto adik ke Ipoh utk further study tp xde gambar sgt nk share..huhu




**CNY holidays..Outing n hangout with BFF di Mid Valley..1st time try mkn @ The Manhattan Fish Market and try out special Magnum (Selama ni bpe kali jejak kaki di Mid Valley pon tak penah peduli..haha)


**CNY holidays..Outing with beloved siblings @ Nu Sentral…lepak mkn kat food court je coz teringin nak rase Korean Food kat situ…serious puas hati, sedap..i mkn Rabeokki..jjang!


**Watching Deadpool…hhaha…as usual at One Cinema Spectrum Shopping Mall…Movie must watch 2016…Rating: 4 Stars



**Ke Sweetree lagi kita…but this time with my adik..1st time for her…Some advice here, don’t go on weekend if tanak ur lunch become really late lunch…huhu…Anyway, Sweetree jjang!


**Outing Suria KLCC…nak release stress katanya..lepak n jenjalan di tman..(Nervous for my test for the following week)


**Movie Dating…Batman V Superman..this time around  emotionally unstable , frustrated (On 23/03/2016, i failed my JPJ test…huaarghhhTT___TT)..Thanks my lil’sis to comfort me…Love u a lot!! Wish could watch with my lil’bro too…huhu..miss him..Rating: 4 Stars


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